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A place to Donate in Memory

Create an online space to Donate in Memory of your loved one and build a lasting home to share stories, memories and photos about your special someone. With your fundraising, you’ll be supporting Diabetes UK and joining the fight against diabetes, the most devastating and fastest growing health crisis of our time.

Create a lasting tribute

After losing someone special, it can be hard to know what to do. It’s likely that people will want to help, and you’ll want to remember and celebrate their life. The way they made you smile, the funny photos and how they were there for you.

Your Donate in Memory home is for you and your friends and family to create a lasting tribute for your loved one. It’s easy to share your page with those who matter most too.

Fundraise in their name

Your tribute is a place for people to raise money in your loved one’s name. Friends and family may wish to make a donation to mark special occasions or even run a marathon. However they choose to help, your page will be a permanent place to make a difference together for years to come.

Transform lives

Diabetes affects more people than any other serious health condition in the UK. More than dementia and cancer combined. That means we need to take action now. It’s a fight that involves all of us and we’re in it together.

Every penny raised on your Donate In Memory home will honour your loved one and will go towards creating a world where diabetes can do no harm.

It’s simple

It’s really easy to set up your Donate in Memory home. Follow the steps on the Donate in Memory homepage.



I have collected money in-memory of a loved one previously, can this be added to a new account?

Yes, if you raised via another JustGiving page then please see the next question. If you raised the money offline and have previously paid in the money to Diabetes UK then please do get in touch and we’ll be able to help you with this.

How do I link other in-memory pages to this donate in memory page?

Once you log into your ‘Donate-in-memory' page you’ll see a button that says, ‘Import existing pages’. Click here and then select those pages that you’d like to connect. The pages and their respective totals should then feed into your total. You can then always see those connected pages by clicking on ‘see all pages connected to this tribute’ when you are viewing your main page.

How do I share the page with others so that they too can donate?

To do this you can simply click on your tribute page and you’ll see ‘share’ on the right-hand side and the option to do that via Facebook, twitter or email. Alternatively, you can copy the page link from your browsers address bar and share that in an email, text message or via WhatsApp.

How do I add photos?

Once you have signed into your account, click on ‘‘edit’.  You will then be able to edit the main feature image. You can also add in additional photos and fundraising updates here.

How do I add their personal story?

If you click on ‘edit’ you can then edit the summary section adjacent to the main photo. You can also then add more content to your personal stories and memories further down within the blue box.

How can I find out a total of the in-memory fund?

Your total should appear on your ‘donate in memory’ home. Sometimes donations don’t update for a few hours, please allow for this when viewing your page. If a donation still doesn’t show after 24 hours, then please do get in touch.

If you’ve any questions at all then please do contact us on and one of our colleagues will get back to you.